Earliest Records of Fly Fishing

When Where References
200's AD Macedonia De Natura Animallum by Aelian
900's England Anglo-Saxon Manuscript Paintings
1100's Germany Miscellaneous Writers
1496 England Treatyse of Fysshyng Wyth an Angle by Dame Juliana Berners
1539 Spain The Little Treatise on Fishing by Fernando Basurto
1577 England The Arte of Angling by William Samuel
1590 England Book of Fishing with Hooke and Line by Mascall
1613 England Secrets of Angling by J. Dennys
1614 England Second Book of the English Husbandman by Gervase Markham
1653 England The Compleat Angler by Isaak Walton

Source: American Museum of Fly Fishing, Manchester, VT